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As we continue:

In order to use yourself effectively in helping others, we need to possess a high level of well developed realization of the phenomena of understanding of self.Even with the motivation and positive intention, we may inadvertently express ourselves in unhelpful or maybe perhaps even negative ways. We may find ourselves feeling anxiety or fear of an unknown outcome.

The quest of self understanding and awareness is basically well worth its purpose. With out these ethical assumptions of self, we may put ourselves in an uncomfortable position that is actually makes it a disadvantage rather than an advantage to the topic of discussion.

In addition to self understanding our practices requires a large deal of self control and self discipline. We should be able to manage our own thoughts, feelings, words, gestures, and social behavior. Additionally we should try to control our patterns of behavior that tend to be detrimental. Of course, people actually do need to be rescued on occasion. Self control is quite simply essential for any professional work practice. edited and written by: Don. Larsen.



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In addition to self knowledge and self control we must also have a thorough understanding of society values and ethics. Such understanding involves a great deal more than familiarity with the ethical code. We must have a thorough grasp of the meaning and implications of each ethical principle. So we say, know your code of ethics. They apply to virtually every aspect of your professional life purposes.

However, a common base of knowledge is required of all social work including theory and research and community behavior and development, knowledge of processes associated with clear and accurate communication.

Responsible assertivness is yet another essential characteristics of effective social workers. The term responsible assertivness refers to the expression of one's own thoughts and feelings in a way that does not contradict the rights and dignity of others...

In fact, we must be able to express ourselves assertively in order to fullfil nearly all social roles and functions. Responsible assertiveness

is our reflection of our personal and professional power,authority and responsibility. Therefore; Express your knowledge and your opinions with respect. We should exhibit these qualities throughout the entire phase of social work characteristics . A brief summary of these values should be effective in our search of this phenomena...Don. Larsen.2012.



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Topic of Everyday Routines and Practices...











As we observe our realities, we focus on the dynamic nature of our lives and how we live our lives together as a family and then revive our communities...Therefore; We actively adapt once the skill has patiently learned.

Luckily we consider and welcome our participation and is supported by the ones we love.This offers us opportunities to learn through observing others and our dynamic nature...

So we say then; Our everyday routines and practices are likely to be

among the most powerful cultural experiences. The development is a process of becoming familiar with our environment. Once achieved its skill has evolved in our life experience...Therefore; EMPIRICAL STUDIES.



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As we begin, The dragon can be considered as a positive force, and represents power, excellence, and striving for goals, as well as being a benevolent force, which radiates good will, good luck, and blessings. Since dragons tended to be a water creature, in Eastern culture, the dragon represents the essential forces of nature. And in the West there are dragons whose existence was to serve and protect the kingdom. They display the most remarkable qualities of Loyalty and Sacrifice. The oldest culture in the world to utilize dragons in mythology and beliefs are from China. For them, the dragon is a divine, mythical creature that brings good fortune and prosperity. Therefore, As the mythology of dragons is a reflection of Western representations now show a definite eastern influence...So we say in truth they are very social and friendly in nature. They have a respect and value for creative thinking and artistic talent. They live life to its fullest and are well known for going to the distance in achieving their goals. They are also known for their good nature and kindness...Therefore; The qualities of this myth is they thrive on good musical talent, and inspired some of the most outstanding philosophers, classical literature and are creative abilities to bring them back to the concept of Wisdom and Joy...Therefore; MIND PIRATES AND DRAGON MYTHOLOGY...ENJOY Don. Larsen.



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A society that drifts into ignorance has a misunderstanding of man. A man however, accepting his role in the position of his manhood, through EXPERIENCE, REFLECTION AND REASON it helps to activate in a mans mind the difference of rejecting an irrational and immoral idea and replacing that thought with a more agreeable aspect of the topic in his mind. That's why man is an amazing creature to observe. This example will explain the concept of The Phenomena of mans will. This offers a freedom that is positively as a result of sacrifice to an irrationality with in his senses or perception. Therefore a FREE AGENT. These are the masterpieces of man that God intended man to live out his God created identity of manhood. Into his free will in observing his position at that time then, we discover that man is a truly remarkable creature. At length, human vanity reflects what appears to distinguish man from all other physical beings. By assisting to him the choice of making his own decisions in total independence of all other causes. Man is said to deliberate which then in turn removes his indecision, which settles his will in the sense of what would be called a FREE AGENT. Therefore, the freedom of authentic masculinity is an amazing thing to observe. They can challenge with a cutting edge and then gently make up his mind submitting in humility. Thus then giving him a deeper level of security and confidence as GENUINE MANHOOD. Don. Larsen.



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Introducing a new theory and add personality of the season with a natural skill. Then add drama to enhance your experience, carefully and wisely, not to create conflict between you. So we say then Planning, Practice, and Patience then go and create a breakthrough of our seasonal friendships.

Apply the most ultimate expression in your technique and capture the moment with a truly creative perspective and with a vision of warmth where we can together enjoy the results.

Make every encounter capture that vision of scenic beauty with your posture in the relationship. Then go and be a true inspiration to the people that are with you on your theory.Therefore; Into The Realms of Harmony, The Distant Streams, The Surrounding Mountain Peeks and then to continue to seek your way as one worthy of intimacy...Exciting...enjoy Don. Larsen.



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Therefore; Our wish is to take this same passage and use it for a new vision of romance for a technical, literal and solid structure. You can review previously posted passages to take advantage of this kind of knowledge and skill. That is what I wish for you.

Passages capable to unravel the imagination and fantasy. For the formation of our style and spirit.

The power it contains is more precious than any other source of the imagination. It is the best way to learn to express our selves sincerely and noble, we try to read what is good for our senses.

This will offer us an enjoyable experience not only to develop style and spirit, like we mentioned earlier. Such text looks like curiosity to discover our perception.

I hope this is beneficial for you and for a positive source of enthusiasm. I remain truly yours, Don. Larsen.