We are expanding our possibilities when vibrant transcends reality. On a higher level of evolution and the trust we share. The golden age and the joy of discovery. A new dimension, astonishing and beyond... The conversion however is a simple reflection of how we view the beauty that lives among us. To achieve the unexpected and then follow through with the dream, naturally and free. To move on to a more creative level of knowledge and wisdom. Stunning, graphic, refined and evocative. The timeless moment, powerful. Majesty brings the natural peace to the surreal and realistically enjoyable. Therefore; The enthusiast and the sanctuary for curiosity. We are more than partakers of this magic of the phenomena of life we share and love. So we ask, Who am I?...Our psychological properties define the self...Ideas. What am I? A mind or a body?...Mutual interaction. Is there life after death? Am I immortal? Immorality of the soul...A dialogue. Moral responsibility. A contemporary defense of that free will. Therefore; What is the meaning of your life? BLACK DIAMOND...Don. Larsen.
I am STRAYPOWER; A Warrior Philosopher. Therefore I am not concerned necessarily in the outcome of an event and where it takes us, although thought of my own destiny, to unleash the warrior with in me. I can achieve the mind of a literal human being, an artist not concerned with the fate of the world, but my own fate. The challenges I may face with in the turmoil of society will only make me stronger, an artist and a Warrior Philosopher ready and well prepared to nurture the messages of my theory... Sincerely, Don. Larsen.